Sibling Love Photography

I have said it many times before, it is all so fleeting.  You turn around and 3 years have just vanished.  That sweet baby no longer snuggles in your arms, but instead gives you a wake up call early Saturday morning by bouncing on your head. Every moment that passes is so precious and makes up the story of your life. It is a story that deserves to be preserved so you are able walk by the portrait of your innocent 7-day-old newborn while listening to the pitter-patter of his running feet echoing down the hall.

Laughing Brothers at family photo session


Family photo sessions are perfect for documenting integral parts of your journey through motherhood.  I want these sessions to be a true reflection of you and your family so that your story is truly transformed into art to hang on your wall.  SAI family sessions are specifically designed to capture precious interactions and moments that you hold dear.  We will coordinate prior to your photo shoot to discuss the current chapter of your life to guarantee the little things are not missed, like two sweet brothers’ love for playing rock, paper, scissors.  It is these type of memories I aim ensure never fade.

Family Photo Shoot

Your session will begin with more freedom than what you may expect from a typical portrait session.  This allows your littles (you & dad too of course) time to become comfortable with me and my camera.  The session will continue with a relaxed, casual feel with guidance from me along the way.  It is my priority that the true interactions of you and your family are photographed almost like I’m just an outsider observing. This will elicit genuine reactions, giggles and smiles from each of you to create images that you will love. Emotional connection can 100% shine through portraits displayed in your home, taking you straight back to those memories.  Throughout your family session I will also snag traditional style portraits to ensure that you have a well rounded image gallery.

Smiling Family

Now you know what to expect, but how do you prep the gang and get them on board for your family photo shoot? Just jump over to the SAI  Photo Shoot Survival Guide blog to ensure everyone is prepped and ready to go on the big day.

AND – Yes, let’s be real.  We Mom’s do these sessions for us and that is perfectly ok!  It is more than ok.  It is deserved and necessary! It is motherhood.

Motherhood Photo Session