The Diversity Series: Rae

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When Tracey contacted me to have her daughter be part of The Diversity Project her response to why she wanted to be involved was “My daughter, Rae, rocks Down syndrome!” My smile was huge. I knew instantly she got me and the drive behind the project. I had stepped outside my comfort zone to pursue this project (I know, makes no sense since it totally encompasses all my passions. Like I’ve said in the previous blog: layers, I have lots of them.) I was scared no one would get it. I was scared no one would be willing to stand in front of the camera for this. Thankfully, I was wrong.  I met Tracey and Rae in NODA to capture the very FIRST diversity photo session. North Carolina had just begun social distancing due to covid-19, and I was pretty sure this would be my last photo shoot of the spring (I was right). This made it even more special. I was and still am so excited to start this project. The Diversity Project is at a bit of standstill until the social distancing is lifted, but at least we have Rae’s infectious smile to lift our spirits. So, without any more rambling from me, I’d like to introduce you to Rae.  
Diversity Photo Shoot

To get to know Rae a little better I asked her a few questions! Here are her responses. 

How old are you? 15 years

What are your two favorite hobbies? Singing & Acting

What do you love most about school? Math

Who is your favorite band/artist? I love musicals, so soundtrack to mama Mia, hairspray etc…

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names? 2 cats. Dex & Finn

Tell me one special thing about you! I love my life.

Anything mom (Tracey) might want to tell us about “A day in the life of Rae”. Rae has a unique gift of living life in the moment.

Diversity Portrait Session

The mission behind The Diversity Project is to celebrate the little nuances and distinctions that make us unique while demonstrating how we are all just HUMAN. Want to learn more about the why and how of this project? Jump on over to the blog Introducing The Diversity Project to learn more!

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