The world is facing new challenges which, for many, translates to juggling the roles of mother, teacher, and entrepreneur all in the same time and space. What was working for us before has suddenly been rendered obsolete! How are we supposed to take on these 3 full-time responsibilities and actually do them ALL well, or, let’s be real…even mediocre!? This is why I’m so grateful for my friend and fellow mompreneur, Denawa Alberti. She has helped me find peace of mind, acceptance and even some form of balance when I was seriously starting to feel lost and out of control. Trust in her guidance as she presents us with 4 simple steps to regain balance in the latest edition of M.O.M.: Writing Your Story.

Known for speaking the truth, Denawa, of Sittin’ Crooked Talkin’ Straight, is a mindfulness blogger from the Carolinas. She helps motivate, inspire and challenge people to live the life they desire through mindful living, self-care and tons of personal growth. By posting encouraging content she hopes to ignite people to take charge of their lives and go after their dreams. 


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Regaining Balance Amidst Transition:

Motherhood & Entrepreneurship Collide

by: Denewa Alberti

The balancing act of motherhood + working has always been a game of chance. Making sure that you are giving enough to your little ones while also putting enough into your work is a fine line that many of us still stumble along daily (myself included).  For the very 1st time, most of the world is in the same mindspace when it comes to figuring out how to keep everything afloat and thriving courtesy of Covid-19.

Now, being an entrepreneur in itself can be challenging – creating schedules, producing content, the meetings, the to-do lists, etc. – no matter your line of business, the list can go on and on…for miles…of all the things that need to be done to keep the business thriving. Depending on where you are located in the world (quarantine day #34 here in Charlotte, NC) motherhood and your business probably found themselves on the same playing field in a completely new way at this point. The ever-growing list just got longer!! 

…So how do you navigate it all?

How do you find that balance between new motherhood duties (a.k.a. homeschooling) and continuing to give your business what it needs to stay afloat during this pandemic?  Well, my friend, I have you covered with a few tips that have been helping me manage my time during this pandemic.

4 Steps to Regaining Balance

1: Embrace Change: Ok, we are ALL in brand new territory, and most of us have no idea what we are doing! With this in mind, it is time to loosen the reins, so to speak, on how things “used” to look in your business + how motherhood suddenly began to overlap 30+ days ago. There will be a strong natural urge to resist the changes around us and to stick to what worked pre-pandemic. Let me save you some time and frustration; loosen up, in every sense of the word. Let go and give yourself some grace. 

2: Utilize Pockets of Time: Scheduling is now more important than ever! Having a clear idea of the things that you want to work on helps in planning for each day or week (whichever works best for you and your household). Knowing what needs to be done will help you allot the appropriate amount of time to get that task accomplished.  Example: If I need to create a presentation for my business I know it will typically take me 2-3 hours to complete (1 hour of creating a foundation, 1 hour of drafting, 1 hour of polishing/adding media). I then break that down throughout my day to allow adequate time to complete each step. By the end of the day, it is a checkmark on my to-do list!

3: Create Boundaries: My best advice to any momma with a business, pandemic or not: create BOUNDARIES, a very essential part of life and very much needed, especially when juggling motherhood and business ownership. Boundaries aren’t just for the people you live with, but also for yourself. This is a hard one: DON’T take on more than you can reasonably handle! Learn to say “No.”  Communicate with your people where you need support or help! This can be a partner, a loved one, other people within your business, clients, etc.

4: Schedule Flexibility: Remember when you 1st had your little one and everyone told you to sleep when the baby sleeps?  The same concept applies here, except instead of “sleep” you now create and give your full focus to your business. Not that I’m saying you should stay up all night, every night, but remember we are embracing change and staying flexible, right? There will be a time when no matter how much planning or scheduling you do that things will not get done OR they will require more time than the pocket of time you designated will allow…more of that letting go and a touch of rescheduling. 

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Motherhood and the entrepreneurship life is overlapping like never before. We are now wearing so many more responsibility “hats” right smack dab in the middle of this pandemic and quarantine. The real question is can we as mothers have it all, especially right now? Yes, ma’am, we can! Has it been and will it continue to be challenging? Absolutely, but it is completely doable with a little tweaking here and there. We can learn to juggle, right?  We can regain our balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship by keeping these 4 things in mind:

  • Accept there are things we canNOT control

  • Plan & schedule; repeat

  • Learn to say NO

  • Be flexible and reschedule when all else fails

Good luck, mamas. I’m in your corner!

Denawa’s wise words don’t end here! Follow along with her over at Sittin’ Crooked Talkin’ Straight as she helps bring peace, guidance and self-discovery to the world one post at a time.  Be sure to not miss what she has to say next by following her social media channels. Who doesn’t need more positivity in their feed?!?


We definitely learn best from each other! Share with us. How have you regained your balance amidst this transition? -OR- What obstacles are keeping you on tilt? If Denawa’s words are resonating with you, let us know in the comments. Speak your mind, mamas!

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