Here it is!!! My very FIRST BLOG! I really want this to be an opportunity for others to get to know me.  It is only fair you know what you’re getting yourself into. 😉 I am so incredibly excited to finally take the plunge and start my photography business.  It has been a long, long time coming, but life, a few excuses and maybe a case of the jitters slowed me down.  I’m now taking the time to invest in ME and push forward with a career that I absolutely love. I can honestly say I never expected life to lead me here, but, man am I lucky for this path I did NOT choose. The short version…Like most moms these two are my “why.”  They are my why to practically everything I do in life, including the evolution of a photography business. The not so long version… Some many years ago my love for anthropology took me from my home state of Virginia to Tennessee (yes, my blood runs orange!) and then to Kansas (yes, I can tell you what a shocker is!). One master’s later I thought I was on track to get a PhD and nerd it up for the rest of my life.  Instead I stumbled upon an incredibly amazing and supportive man who would give me two beautiful children. This was when the economy was still a hot mess and the job market simply wasn’t in my favor. Our journey together took us to Charlotte, NC where we became a family of 4. I decided after being home with my son for so long I couldn’t fathom leaving him or my brand new baby girl.  So three years into the search I put the brakes on the job hunt and focused entirely on my family, which also finally gave me time to focus on photography! Photography came along on all my journeys throughout the years and I have always been passionate about it, but viewed it solely as a hobby.  As an overly practical person I truly didn’t think a career in an art was an option.  As you can imagine this leap is totally out of my comfort zone, but at the same time it is the only logical choice.  You see, I have come full circle.  Instead of wanting to engross myself in a full day of teaching, readings and research, I am after flexibility that allows me to continue to be with my children for field trips, sick days and all of life’s adventures in between. Utilizing the camera as a career still allows me to explore so much of what I am passionate about.  I love taking pictures of practically anything, but my heart adores capturing the moments between mothers and their children. Whether it is when the baby is still in her belly, fresh to this world laying in her arms, or so sweetly grasping her hand while walking side by side, the images invoke the pure emotion that existed in reality.  It is so important to me that moms have pictures of the delicate, fleeting moments to cherish for a life time. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and the drive behind all that I am as a person and a photographer.  I so look forward to meeting you and yours.