I do not believe that we were meant to walk around with screens at our constant disposal, but that is our reality.  I do not believe that we were meant to parent with constant distraction, but that is our reality.  I do not believe that technology was meant to isolate us, but in so many ways that has become our reality. In a time where division and conflict are at the forefront of conversations, social media posts and news headlines, it is ever more important to strive to come together as one and truly support each other’s stories.

Through Shannon Arney Images and through taking pictures of mamas and their sweet kids I want to use my voice to promote kindness, unity and solidarity.  I want to create a space where we all feel safe to be our true selves, where we all feel that our differences are what unites us.  I want to promote a determination to be authentic to ourselves and support one another while we each write our own stories.  We are all momming the best we can, deciding to put one foot in front the other each day so that we can create the story of our dreams.

This little dream of mine is how the “Moments of Motherhood: Writing Your Own Story” blog series was born.  This is the place where differences are celebrated, and the ups and downs of our stories are stepping stones to growth.  Through this blog series you will come across moms finding balance, moms finding new hope, and moms just getting by.  You will find authentic women determined to write their own unique stories with the common goal of being kind, happy and creating a better world for their children.  So please come on this ride with me; help me create a community where failures are celebrated, where cussing is sometimes a reality, where wine is a necessity, and where the ending is yet to be written. Write your story, Mama!

Moments of Motherhood: Writing Your Story

Finding Balance in the "Hustle &Grind"

By: Mary Meade

Hustle and Grind. That’s what they say, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Hey y’all! My name is Mary. I am a wife of 19 years, a mother of three amazing teenagers (gasp!), and an entrepreneur. Our kids do sports, my husband works more than full time, we volunteer at our church, and I run two businesses. I am an independent hairstylist and a wellness advocate.  To some people, that may sound like, “Mama, you’ve got your hands full!”  

Redefining "Having It All"

by: Nicole Peternel

“My career has gone through so many highs and lows, making it feel like the most thrilling yet terrifying roller coaster I’ve ever ridden.  After more than fifteen years in PR, the reason I co-founded this agency isn’t because I was self-assured and confident, it was because working for someone else and the demands of being a mom and an executive were crippling me to the point of full-blown anxiety attacks. Feelings of total inadequacy. I didn’t “have it all.” I felt like I was disappointing everyone and failing at life. I was horribly depressed and just trying to tread water.”

Regaining Balance Amidst Transition: Motherhood & Entrepreneurship Collide

By: Denawa Alberti

The balancing act of motherhood + working has always been a game of chance. Making sure that you are giving enough to your little ones while also putting enough into your work is a fine line that many of us still stumble along daily (myself included).  For the very 1st time, most of the world is in the same mindspace when it comes to figuring out how to keep everything afloat and thriving courtesy of Covid-19.

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