I am a dream chaser.  I can honestly say I have been chasing my passions throughout life, many times with camera in hand.  I have watched those passions expand and morph, until I suddenly found myself chasing two beautiful children. So many things shape us into the people we become, but nothing quite alters the perspective like children.  

My background in anthropology, one of my original and life long passions, has most certainly made me the individual I am today; allowing me to appreciate and respect diversity, culture, and equality.  Adding kiddos to the mix is when my passion collided with emotion and I fell in love with capturing everything that makes each person unique, from the finite details of a newborn’s precious pursed lips, to the vibrant and profound emotions that make us human.  

Photography (you guessed it, another passion!) has become a way to encapsulate my adoration for human diversity and parenthood.  I love to capture emotions as they transpire, especially between parents and their littles. The camera gives us the ability to slow down and eternalize those precious, fleeting interactions and milestones, turning life into art.  

I am incredibly grateful to be able to stand behind a camera and call it my career. Thank you for allowing me to chase yet another dream.

Pregnant mommy smiles during her maternity session

the bellies

the babies

the families

the kids