I have learned over and over that the only way to tackle new adventures is to jump right in the deep end!  So I dove in, held a Motherhood Model Call, and the response I received was incredibly humbling.  Thank you to  every mother that took time out of her busy, sometimes chaotic day to enter this model call.  Also, thank you to my beautiful best friend, Natasha, for allowing me to use an image I captured of her and her youngest daughter to kick start this adventure.  Seriously, I couldn’t have done this without her, she is one of my biggest supporters. And she just so happens to be a fabulous photographer out of Northern Virginia.  Go check her out!

Natural Light Photo Session

Model calls are a photographer’s playground; a chance to freely try out new artistic ideas, build on a particular brand, and just have FUN with the camera.  My very first photo session as Shannon Arney Images was the result of this model call, and I can say all of these elements were definitely rolled into the shoot.  Through this adventure I had the pleasure of meeting the ridiculously photogenic mommy and son duo, Katie and Ronin (just wait, I’m not exaggerating!).  I’m so so grateful they took time to help me out because the images we captured together are absolutely amazing!

Toddler clapping

I met Ronin and Katie in Downtown Davidson, NC for their Motherhood Photo Session.  This town is by far my favorite place to hold photo shoots in all of the Charlotte area! There is no denying its beauty and charm. What’s not to love???? Davidson has it all: gorgeous architecture, amazing green spaces, a beautiful college campus with incredible trees, charming brick walk ways, gorgeous landscaping everywhere, such sweet people…I could truly keep going on forever.  Trust me, you will see many more shoots from Davidson. I may be a little obsessed. 😉

Katie and Ronin were sooo fun and EASY to work with.  They are truly as happy and relaxed as these photos depict.  And those EYES! This young man can make you melt with those gorgeous blue eyes.  One lucky photographer right here!!!

Mommy and Me Photo Session

This incredible Motherhood Photo Session provided me with a ton of inspiration, and I’m already brainstorming future model call shoots so I can play around with some fun ideas I have brewing! Definitely keep your eye open for a model call next spring.  I’m going to need quite a few Mamas to pull off this next idea.  It is going to be a blast and so fun to get to know more local moms!

Mommy and Me Session